Commercial Building Spring Maintenance

Wintertime weather, like snow and ice, can be especially damaging to properties. Now that warmer weather is finally here, it’s time to inspect your buildings and do the needed maintenance you may have put off during the winter. The following advice can help reinvigorate your property, preparing it for the warmer months ahead.

  • Test and repair irrigation systems—Irrigation systems are critical for maintaining a healthy landscape, and you want to ensure yours works properly. In addition, your building’s foundation can suffer from heat-related damage. Prevent any heat damage by proactively watering the foundation around your building.
  • Check HVAC condensers—Check the freon level on your HVAC condenser to ensure the unit isn’t struggling to keep the air cool.
  • Inspect the roof—Check for roof damage. Look for loose shingles or even holes—anything that could cause water to leak inside the building.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts—These can easily become clogged with leaves or debris and lead to water damage.
  • Examine the exterior—Go outside and fix any foundation cracks and chipped paint on doors and windows. Clean the exterior of the building of any mold, mildew or moisture discolorations. Finally, make sure your landscaping is in good condition and that nothing harmful is growing on the building’s exterior.
  • Watch for pests—Look for ants, cockroaches and other destructive insects. Consider spraying to prevent any pests from entering the building.

Proper building maintenance is essential. By making your upkeep regular, you can avoid unforeseen repairs and associated expenses. For more commercial property guidance, contact AIA of Texas Insurance Agency.